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A healthy smile begins with healthy gums

The severe form of gum disease starts usually at a later age. This has to do with the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus. Because of that, at some point (around the age of 40) the gums are not able to stay stuck on the surface of the tooth which is covered by bacteria. The leakage of the gums becomes evident and measurable as the space between the gum and the tooth which we call the pocket gets deeper than 3 mm.


In order to eliminate inflammation and restore the function of the gums in most of the cases we need a combination of just two things:

  1. professional instrumentation/cleaning of the tooth surface

  2. to make the gums tight by massaging them with intensive use of interproximal brushes.

This results to new attachment of the gums to the tooth surface which has become clean and smooth after the treatment.


The removal of calculus is done by means of an ultrasonic device that ends to a vibrating needle.

This makes it possible for the dental care professional to reach the necessary depth between gum and tooth without damage. This thin instrument cleans millimeter to millimeter in a way that resembles the movement of a printhead. This results in a quite time consuming process, in long and often multiple treatment sessions. Use of local anesthesia makes therefore the treatment more comfortable and leads to a more predictable outcome.

  • What is the goal of the tretament?
  • what are the risks if the goal is not attained?

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