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gallery/komvormig defect

Periodontitis has caused around this molar both vertical and horizontal bone loss. The vertical loss created a funnel around the back root, while the horizontal loss created a tunnel betweek its 2 roots (deep furcation defect).


The funnel shaped defect gets filled up with a mixture of bone particles and  a healing booster gel which stimulates the bone cells of the patient to produce new own bone.

  • Critical for a nice healing is to place and suture the gums back to the original position where the incision was made, in order to have the transplanted material well protected.
  • The stitches are removed after 1-2 weeks. 
  • The complaints after this kind of tretament are minimal, due to the repositioning of the tissues. Most of the patients do not need any painkillers after this treatment!
  • Healing of bone takes time: after suture removal the wound is given 1 year the time to heal.
gallery/solo voor en na

The x-ray 2 years after regeneration shows recovery of the bone defect, and that the area between the roots is again filled up with bone! A molar with this area closed has twice the lifespan of a molar with a tunnel between its roots. In this case the treatment has a made a big difference for the life expectancy of this molar.

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